Story of Stuff

Topics: Environmentalism, Natural environment, Environment Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: November 11, 2013
In “Story of Stuff” narrated by Annie Leonard generally discusses how materials flow through the economy on how and why. The materials of economy go through a system starting out with extraction which leads to production and after they make the materials it then gets distributed which is called distribution. Consumers then buy these products which is called consumption, and after they purchase it and make use of it then it goes to the trash can which is called disposal. These five steps of how materials flow through the economy is explained in her video. Extraction is where the people cut down all of the trees using up all the water and basic resources that are provided to us naturally. We use these resources to make our products which is harming the environment. Production uses the resources we cut down and take from the natural environment and mix it with harmful toxic chemicals and also takes energy to do this. There are 100,000 synthetic chemicals in use to make all of these products. Not all of them have even been tested and could be very harmful to our environment. B.F.R.s which stands for brominated flame retardants is something very harmful that use to make our computers, appliances, couches, mattresses, and even our pillows. By using this toxic chemical to make things “fire proof” we are harming ourselves by using our own materials every day. Babies are getting the most toxins in their system because of mothers and using their normal products which are basically dipped in chemicals to preserve them. The mothers breast milk also have these toxins and that is how the babies are getting the most toxins out of anyone. The United States admits to at least releasing 4,000,000,000 pounds of pollution a year. So they moved the factories across the seas to try and eliminate the amount of pollution in the United States. Which did not really eliminate anything because by moving the factories and workers across seas it just made their environment worse and...
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