Story of My Life

Topics: English-language films, Island, Desert Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: January 6, 2014
Lord of the Flies Essay
By: Alex Childs

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” Harvey Fierstein
It is through the development of extreme confrontation like the conflicts that occurred on the island that one reveals themselves and the truth about life. Events such as being stranded on a deserted island force people to make crucial decisions, grasp a higher understanding of them, and realize the facts of life. Dean Karnazes - author of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All Night Runner - stated that sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven, which in a way is what the island stranded boys had to do. Difficult tasks such as those the boys had to endure are the factors that push people to make spontaneous decisions. For example, crash landing on an uninhabited island forced boys such as Ralph and Jack to grow up. Although their physical appearance remained the same, their psychological state of mind developed into that of an adult’s. Along with those decisions came others such as life or death decisions. Along with those decisions came others; such as, the opportunity to take a spare a life arose. This is like when Eric and Sam spared Ralph’s life by informing him he was being hunted. They could have left him for the savages to make their lives easier, but due to the severe circumstances they felt obliged to spare him. The biggest decision that was made was the choice of survival. “Which is better – to have rules and agree, or to hunt and to kill?” (Golding). This would relate when the group of boys were split up between Jack’s army and Ralph’s army. The boys had the option of easier food and a scary leader or better living conditions and a kinder leader. The boys knew that whoever they chose, the other would not live. In the end they made the painful decision to sacrifice their favored leader in order to gain food. These events not only force...
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