Story of My Life

Topics: Oxygen, Earth, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 16, 2013
I began as a droplet of water, high above the earth, fluffy white clouds drifted through the atmosphere at that time. In the clouds, I lived as a little Droplet of water, round and content with life. For as long as I could remember, I spent my days lying on my back, relaxing and soaking up the sun's warm rays. One day, I took my usual place in the sun but the light didn't seem to be as bright. In fact, as the day went on, it grew darker and darker, loud claps of thunder shook the cloud, and I felt as if I were getting really heavy and I could hardly move. Suddenly, I felt myself falling from the cloud. Down, down, down I fell, farther and farther from home. As I was falling, I saw myself shivering and getting a white flaky color. I didn’t know what was happening at all, and at that same moment I realized what my friend had told me about how I would turn into a solid form. At last I landed on the earth, in the dark green foliage of the rainforest. Around me as far as I could see, were tall trees, dense green leaves, red mushrooms and variously colored insects of every shape and size. Strange creatures surrounded me. The sounds and sights were like nothing I had ever seen or heard before. All I wanted to do was go back home safely. And all of a sudden, the sun came up and the warm rays hit me like I was on a beach tanning. For a moment it felt good, and then suddenly I started turning into liquid, and it felt good to be in motion again. I began seeping through this soft, brown material called soil. I moved slowly through the roots placed in this soil. I began to move around, shifting side to side. Something was coming. It was digging deeper. I was jiggling! I saw teeth and a lot of pink! I waited a bit and saw the sun again, and there it was, what made me jiggle! An animal, a cow! Moooooooooo! It began to eat the grass, just jabbing at it, chewing it, nom, nom, nom! I began to jiggle even more. I thought I might break a sweat! A water droplet and break a sweat?...
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