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The Prodigy of Don Dee
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Part 1: Hello World!
Don Dee was born in the land of Frozen throne, though the scourge took him away because of his hidden power. As a frozen throne pride he traveled extensively around the world. During his childhood, Don Dee was raised and educated by the sentinels, under the guardianship of Nevermore, who served as his father and tutor. As a child, Don Dee was a member of the Boy Scout of the Philippines, where he learned essential skills such as knot tying, standing flag pole, sack race and many more, through this experiences he is well developed and ready to face any challenges . Don Dee was able to excel at any new moves he learned: at the age of 8 he was better than children twice his age and by the age of 12, Don Dee had proven himself to be better than his own teachers. For exhibiting his extraordinary talent, his reputation was raised up and the status of a master at the age of 15, making him the youngest master in the Philippine history. Despite of this reputation and popularity he did not forget his own native land the frozen throne, great and kind teachers, and also his good friends. Part 2: The Power Within!

The hidden power of Don Dee is not easy to handle but with his will spirit he can control and manage it. He is very thankful to his great and kind teacher. The power that Don Dee possess is that the “SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH”. This is the hidden power of the Frozen Throne. This power is activated only when you saw your soul mate. While walking Don Dee meet Emma Roberts , a woman who is so gorgeous , she has a sweet smile , long hair , white skin and most of all she has braces. After seeing this lady Don Dee felt in love within just 3 seconds. And suddenly Don Dee felt something different, and the lady ask him if what’s going on? Don Dee can’t speak, he is stammering,. The lady ask him again, when he is about to reply a Rocket is approaching to their place. Don Dee covers the lady with his back and BOOOOM! No injury at all. Don Dee realizes that the hidden power of his is activated. The lady cries hugged, kissed, and thanked him. Don Dee asks the lady to go out and the lady accepts the invitation of Don Dee. Chapter 2: Confession

Part 1: Lady in Red Dress
After the incident that was happen, Don Dee was so excited to meet the lady. This is his first date ever and he is planning to make this a very memorable night so he decided to prepare everything. On the other side, the lady is also excited to meet his HERO, she planned to wear her Red long see-through dress , but she ask herself , “Is this not seductive?” . In the end she decided to wear this gown. When the time comes, Don Dee goes to Emma Roberts’s house to pick her up. He presses the doorbell button, and the lady immediately open the door, Don Dee was so astonished. Emma Robert is so hot and daring in her gown. Don Dee felt his libido is increasingly fast. The lady asked Don Dee if he is ready to go out, Don Dee replied, “Yeyeyeyesssss, leleleleleletssssss gooooo” he is stammering with nervousness. So they go to a 5-star hotel and they ate their dinner, while eating Don Dee ask the girl, “Is this dinner our first date? Oh I’m just joking” then smiled. Emma Roberts giggle and replied, “Oh so your expressing your feelings now hahaha, to be honest I want you too”. Don Dee asks her if she mean it and the lady confess her feelings to him. Don Dee also confess his feelings to the lady, “You know what E you’re my first date , first love , and first lady to dinner with”.Don Dee is expecting that the lady might laugh her but suddenly the lady smiles and holds his hands and says “Don’t worry your also my first date, first love, and first man to be with”. Part 2: A Night of Pleasure

After the said dinner, “Are we good ? Gonna drop you to your home” Don Dee said. Emma Roberts accepts the request of Don Dee. When they are in the house of the lady, Don Dee asked for a Good night kiss and the lady gives him...
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