Story: and of Clay Are We Created

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Mass media / Pages: 3 (723 words) / Published: Dec 9th, 2012
And of Clay Are We Created

This story gives a reflection on the role of the media because it demonstrates how news matter when a catastrophe occurs. Media is there to inform the public and increase their popularity but they are emotionally detached on what Azucena is going through. Allende makes media react in a particular way on how they should act with the people and be in guard on what to film, to please the public. The media only follows the company’s demands which is to bring more money for the company and that they shouldn’t take daily events emotionally. Though there’s Rolf Carle, who is different toward Azucena and distracts her from her hurt and loss of hope. We can see that media from different companies want to reach the scene first and some fight their way to the edges of that morass (pg.588) Reporters might be acting by their instinct and curiosity towards Azucena’s accident. They came very prepared for this scene and wanted to film every single detail that happened. It tells the reader that, we, humans tend to act the same way when death occurs and feel a mixed feeling of excitement. It is hard to explain how a very touchy subject of death can make us feel that way because since it rarely happens or occurs when we least expect, it give us an approach of this phenomena. Azucena kept waiting for her rescue, as well Rolf Carle. “…more television and movie teams arrived with spools of cable, tapes, film, videos, precision lenses, and recorders. And all the while Rolf Carle kept pleading for a pump.” (pg.592). Many equipment was brought; it seemed it was more for the media than rather to help Azucena. It was very sad too watch this happen with your own eyes, but probably things happen for a reason. If it was real life and your loved one was in danger, you would do anything to help them but since the reporters where in another world when it came to filming, they didn’t notice their suffering. It was a great despair when the pump

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