Storm over the Noli

Topics: Philippines, Society of Jesus, Manila Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: September 10, 2011
Storm over the Noli Meanwhile, as Rizal waspeacefully living in calamba, his enemies practicing plotted his doom. Aside from medicin, attending to his gymnasium, and part in the town’civic affairs, he painted several beautiful landscapes and translated the German poems of Von Wildernath into Tagalog.

A few weeks after his arrival, a storm broke over hs novel. One day Rizal received a letter from governor General Emilio Terrero to come to MalacaÑan . Somebody had whispered to the governor’s ear that the novel contained subversive ideas.

Rizal went to Manila and appeared at Malacanan.
When he was informed by Governor-General Terrero of the charge, he denied It, explaining that he merely exposed the truth, but he did not advocate subversive ideas. Pleased by his explanation and curious about the controversial book, the governor-general asked the author for a copy of Noli so that he could read it. Unfortunately, Rizal had no copy because the only copy he brought home was given to a friend. He promised to secure one for the governor-general.

Rizal visited the Jesuit Father to ask for the copy he send them, but they would not part with it. The Jesuits, especially his professor – Fr. Francisco Sanchez, Fr Jose Bech, and Fr. Federico Faura- were glad to see him. He had a spirited discussion with them about the Noli, and Father Faura ventured an opinion that “ every thing in it was the truth,” but added; “You may lose your head for it.

Fortunately, Rizal found a copy in the hans of a friend. He was able to get it and gave it to Governor – General Terrero. The Governor-general, who was a liberal minded executive,knew that Rizal’s life was in jeopardy because the friars were powerful. For security measure, he assigned a young Spanish lieutenant, Don Jose Taviel de Andrade, as bodyguard of Rizal. This lieutnent belonged to a noble family. He was cultured and knew painting and he could speak English , French, and Spanish.
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