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Topics: Safety, Security, Waste Pages: 4 (1638 words) Published: June 23, 2013
LIMS is Laboratory Information Management System; this is software that is used in labs to exchange information form one lab to the other. Some of the features include real time data tracker or even data exchange. This is the type of system used in laboratory’s to store information rather than storing all files onto their computer systems and if need be for future use, they will have to go through the archives of the files in order to find them and it’s the same story for hard copies, they pile up so munch it’s hard to get a hold of the specific files or documents you’d need therefore we have the LIMS. LIMS is a great alternative to the conventional storage of files onto your personal computer or even external hard drives as LIMS provides real time data exchange from one lab to the next within an industry i.e. a hospital or even a college. 3 The LIMS system can store written and graphical data as such, from that it can produce relevant information such as results. It can be also used to monitor good lab practices such as good sampling collection, good testing, risk assessment and good quality assurance. Data coming into the LIMS system can be then distributed through the facility to be shared, easy error-free process used to label every data with bar codes and it also has the capacity to let the person entering the data to give permission to only to the relevant people that can view the data. Hand-held devices are also compatible with some of the LIMS systems therefore entering data through the hand-held devices and onto the LIMS network giving much more flexibility to the user and other can view it from their devices as well. This can be very useful when it comes to doing very large research such as peer reviewing can have lots of data coming in and out from each scientist. LIMS is evolving every time as new features are added onto it often, but as laboratories keep changing and technologies keep advancing so does the LIMS system as it will...
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