Storing and Serving Food

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Review for test 2

Chapter 6
Storing and Serving Food 6.9, 6.10, 6.12, 6.13,
Combines utility with aesthetics and meaning.
6.9 “Three-Legged Ting with Cover” 6th Century, from China, simple shape, three legs, repeated circles, quatrefoil pattern, made of bronze, made for liquids such as “ritual wine” may have been placed next to deceased ancestors as a shrine for good blessings 6.10“Basket” 1890-1910, from the Promo tribe (California), basket decorated with feathers shells over the basic woven design, made as special gifts to mark significant moments in daughter’s lives such as birth or puberty, used in everyday life, colored feathers represent bravery and courage from the birds they came from. 6.12 “Saltcellar” from the 16th century, made of ivory, held salt, signified wealth, status symbol, carved by African artists for export to Europe, salt is held by orb that is topped by an execution scene, showing a victim that is about to be sacrificed, reflects African and Portuguese tastes, used for diplomatic gift. 6.13”Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup, and Del Monte Freestone Peach halves” Andy Warhol, 1964, silk screen on wood, look like mass-produced cardboard packing boxes for common grocery items, created during the Pop Art Movement. Art that Glorifies Food

Food is beautiful, shapes and textures are the subject of many sculptures and still life painting which reflect cultural or religious values. Often lavish displays boasting of wealth and abundance Still Life 6.14

6.14“A Table of Desserts” Jan Davidsz De Heem, 1640, reflects cultural and religious beliefs, during the baroque era in art, oil paint on canvas, glorifies upper class and abundance, food is elevated to eye level on platters Chapter 7

The Promise of Fertility
Earliest artifacts relating to fertility were from the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods of history, sculptures of pregnant female figures called Fertility of Mother Goddesses, suggesting that they were part of a ritual of cult.

Fertility Goddesses and Gods 7.3, 7.5,
7.3”Venus of Willendorf” Austria, 25,000-20,000 BCE, carved out of an egg shaped limestone, very small, 4 3/8 inches high, the artist may have believed that the power of fertility was already in the natural egg shape along with the natural indentation that became the belly button 7.5”God Te Rongo and His Three Sons” Cook islans, Polunesie, 1800-1900, 27 inches high, male fertility piece, show clear contrast to the female figures, carved out of wood, the man is balancing three small human figures on his belly, four more figures in low relief are carved on his arm and forearm, large penis (HA) visually gives emphasis ro rhw virility. Carves for religious rituals by priests Rituals

7.7”Initiation Rites of Dionysos” Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii, Italy, middle of the first century, Fresco, Pompeii was buried in volcanic ash which preserved the city and the art, a young female is being prepared to join with Dionysos, the god of wine and fertility, the woman is taking the role of Ariadne his mate, there is an older woman comforting her, mythical figures are shown waiting for the initiation Art About Love Making, 7.16

7.16”Moche Pottery Depicting Sexual Intercourse” Peru, 1000-1250, ceramic, showing sexual acts, the Moshe custom was to bury ceramic pots with the dead that had naturalistic imagery recording their way of life and tribal customs, nothing left to imagination, may have been used as visual aid for sex ed. Abstracted Sexual Imagery 7.27

7.27”Blind Man’s Bluff” Louise Bourgeois, 1984 USA,1984, marble, abstracted imagery, the body is sexual, large phallus covered with round organic forms, the diachotomy of male vs. female is blurred, the figure is ambiguous, both breast and penis like or perhaps showing nerves in the tongue. Images of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Progeny 7.28, 7.29, 7.30 “Pregnant Woman” Alice Neel, 1971, USA, oil on canvas, shows physical effects of pregnancy belly enlarged, ribs showing, small...
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