Stores Management

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Why stores Management

Introduction of the company visited. 1. Mega Rubber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 2. Parle Products Private Limited. 3. Richie Laboratories Ltd.

The stores function.

Stores organization.

Stores building and stores layout.

Stores identification systems.

Receiving and Inspection.

Storage and preservation procedures.

Materials handling.

Issue of materials from stores.

Safety and security.

Inventory control.

Stores accounting and records.

Recommendation to the companies visited.


Raw material consumes maximum amount of the investment in a company. And highest amount of cost reduction can be done in this area only. Hence stores play a major role as far a company is concerned. And if this raw materials are not stored efficiently they will get deteriorate and there by causing big loss to the company. Hence in order to study stores in detail we thought of taking stores management as our topic.

Location : Agarwal Udyog Nagar, Waliv, (East), Dist Thane. Vasai Road

Person contacted

: Prashant Kubade. Development Engineer.

Contact No.


95250-2456426/2456430 95250-2454520/2454365.

No. of stores


1 store room with separate section for storage of chemicals.

Sujan Group which started its operations in Andheri, Mumbai, in the mid-seventies has over the years established various companies like, Sujan Industries, Vee Kay Rubber Products, Polyrub Extrusions (India), Speciality Elastomers & Mega Rubber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Covering the entire gamut of rubber manufacturing processes. Of these, Mega is a QS 9000 company where as Sujan Industries & Polyrub are ISO 9002 companies and on the way to achieving QS 9000 certifying body being RWTUV.

Sujan today is carrying company both for its customers and employees. The entire group shares the mission to continue being an organization which ont only rests on concrete pillars but on the shoulder of committed well knit TEAM. Following the “Go Global Mantra”, Sujan with manufacturing concepts tailored to the needs of expanding markets exports to countries like USA, UK, Australia, Middle East etc. Has from wide acceptance with improved growth and increased market share. Locally the group has a strong presence in the Indian Automobile Industry and also in the two-wheeler sector. The various group companies are also servicing other industries like aerospace, earth-moving, electrical, office automation. Mega Rubber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is established since 1995. No. of employees is approximately 325 in this company. The total area of the company is about 25000 sq.ft. and the area of the store department is about 2000 sq.ft. The total turn over of this company is approximately 2.6 crore per month. There are 6-8 employees employed in the stores department, which includes a head of the department, a stores incharge officer, and 4-6 employees employed under the stores incharge officer.


At Sujan, Mega Rubber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is committed to attaining the highest standard possible from the purchase of raw materials to the final products. The company lays special emphasis on the prevention of quality problems before manufacture rather than on detection of error later. Its employees are fully geared & trained to focus on continuous improvement in their respective job functions. Combining well trained & quality conscious expectations are met & customer satisfaction is maintained at the highest level. The quality systems are independent of production & form the base of their work ethic.

Mega Rubber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides...
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