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Topics: Best Buy, Warranty, Sales Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: February 24, 2014

FM 362-701
Professor Salerno
Assignment 5: Due 5/01/13

To start establishing the store culture for this new luxury handbag and accessory company I will first have a storewide meeting iterating to everyone what our goals, mission, and visions for the company are. Taking from those I would like the entire staff to work together to come up with our idea of what our store culture should be. I believe when others are able to give their input on something they are more willing to follow those words rather than me just giving them a packet to read up on what we believe in and how we want them to act. While having such experienced staff is great, they all have different selling methods that need to be better worked into one cohesive style. This will allow our store to be recognized by consumers as a memorable brand. To achieve this one cohesive selling style I would start by sitting down with each staff member and asking them what their selling style is and what has worked best for them in the past. After hearing from everyone I would put together all the pros of each selling style and meld them into one structure that everyone can follow. After deciding on our selling procedure I would implement a three day training program where each sales associate would get an in-depth coaching of how we would like them to sell. After the training, for one month, they will report to me weekly on how the selling style is working and what progress they are making. After the month, they will be on their own to sell, but will have a review every three months to see where they stand on the selling floor and to talk about any changes that need to be made.

Anytime you want to build up the clientele of your store a loyalty program is great to have. Stores such as Starbucks, Best Buy and Sephora all have loyalty programs. The idea of a loyalty program is to keep you coming back. Creating a bond with the company. We want our loyal customer to be rewarded for shopping with us. We...
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