Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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Poems are defined as being a piece of writing in which words are chosen for their beauty and sound, and are carefully arranged. Through a poem, special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Poems that are considered as a form of literature are referred to as poetry. Different types of poems can have a range of effects on certain people. They use devices such as emotive words and symbolism to establish this connection. Through this, one may uncover feelings or memories from their past and realize the ‘deeper picture’ of certain topics i.e. life and its meaning. A well-written poem can connect with people’s ideas, express their feelings and remain memorable in their minds. I believe that poetry – to put it bluntly – is the art of manipulating words to form lines which flow with the rest of the poem. When someone attempts to write poetry this becomes evident and is one of the greater difficulties. However with practice these crucial skills will benefit that person when conversing with another. They are able to talk more freely and comfortably knowing that they can arrange what they want to say in several different ways. A wonderful collection of poetry which is more than capable of helping you achieve this is, “A Sense of Place.”

Among these poems the focus will be entirely placed on “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. He was born on March 17th in 1874 San Francisco, California. Frost’s mother was of Scottish descent and his father’s origin was English. This particular poem of his was written in 1922 when Frost was at the age of 48. There were several things which caused him to write the way that he did. Some of them occurred much earlier within his lifetime but would have certainly stayed with him the whole time. Firstly, the deeper meanings of many poems which Frost had written had to do with god and Christianity and this derived from the strong religious education that his mother gave him. It played a major role in most of what he wrote and although this may be the case, he was ironically and outwardly ambivalent to religion. Robert Frost considered himself to be and I quote, “a freethinker”. This resilient man dealt with many tragedies even when he was very young. By the time he was 26, Robert had lost both of his parents and around the time “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” was written he had just admitted his sister Jeannie to a mental hospital. Perhaps this is why he had also used god in many of his poems: because he was turning to him as a last resort for guidance.

The most significant symbol in this poem would be the woods. Through the adjectives that the speaker uses in the poem, the reader should recognize the tone/mood of mystery and danger. This is apparent when he says, “lovely, dark, and deep” in line 13. Through the descriptions in the poem, it becomes clear that the woods would symbolize the beauty and mystery of the world that most people are just too busy to appreciate. It is symbolic of the way that most people nowadays go through life – thinking only of themselves, being self-centred, and not enjoying life for what it really is. It encourages people to find their place in the world and follow what they want to do before they pass.

On the surface of the first stanza, Frost is stopping in some woods near a person’s cabin or house which all belong to someone unknown. The line, “He will not see me stopping here” indicates that this person is not there and that he is staying in a house somewhere in a village. However this may be analysed with a much deeper take on it. The only literal part in this case is that he is walking through the woods when they are filled with snow. However, he knows inside, that they belong to god and that god is watching what occurs inside them. Frost doesn’t mind being in god’s woods and is only focused on enjoying them. On top of which the house in the village could display God in...
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