Stop Teen Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery is defined as surgery to improve a “normal” appearance, such as reshaping a nose or augmenting breasts (Zuckerman). Over the years, there have been a lot of hot debates for and against teen cosmetic surgery especially in the press, social and academic gatherings. While its proponents are vehemently promoting it, others see no reasons why it should continue. Historically, teenagers have been allowed to undergo cosmetic surgery such as Nose job (rhinoplasty) and Ear surgery (otoplasty), but now they are seeking for the many other types of cosmetic surgery. The number of teenagers seeking for cosmetic surgery is on the increase especially in the developed countries. The question is “Should teenagers be allowed to undergo cosmetic surgery despite all the risks involved?” Invariably, plastic surgery has two main branches and they are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery is basically reconstruction of abnormal appearance after illness or injury. As a matter of fact, both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery go together for most of the justifiable cases presented by the patients for example a girl that has extremely large breast disturbing physical activities. The history of regular use of cosmetic surgery dated as far back as War World 1, and then it gave hope for the young soldiers who had sustained injuries from the war. In the progress of time, the rich and the famous started seeking for cosmetic surgery, not for medical reasons but for aesthetic reasons. This was early considered as a taboo but because of the undying interests of the rich and the celebrities, it has now become a wide accepted practice in most of the elite circles. There are now TV reality shows on cosmetic surgery designed to promote the acceptance of cosmetic surgery. Despite the risks associated with cosmetic surgery many people are opting for it, the pathetic part of this is that teenagers are not left out. Teenagers in their own right are vehemently seeking for it and the number of teenagers seeking for cosmetic surgery is increasing day by day. Recent hot debates in the press, academic and social gatherings, for and against teen cosmetic surgery are all missed up with diverse interests. There is a lot of misinformation beclouding the issue of teen cosmetic surgery. Many teenagers are opting for it without having deep understanding of the medical and psychological consequences of it. Thus, there is need to study the risks associated with teen cosmetic surgery and why teen cosmetic surgery should be stopped. Sociological and Psychological Theories on Teen Cosmetic Surgery

Lori Fowler examined through sociological and psychological theories how women make sense of the desire and attainment of breast implants for graduation. Lori used a qualitative approach and focused on women ages 18-35 in the state of Texas who had received breast implants for graduation. This was done by using seven theoretical paradigms that provided a better understanding for why the daughters asked for breast implants and why parents paid for them. The reference group and social comparison theories in Lori’s study explained how the women in the study were influenced to undergo cosmetic surgery by ranking themselves in the attractiveness against real friends and media icons. The social construction of reality theory implored by Lori explained why both mothers and daughters wanted to conform to the social construction of gender, and to accomplish their gender well. According to this study, most mothers were satisfied with their decision to gift surgery to their daughters despite knowing that their gift of augmentation would ultimate result in more surgery in the future. Dr Francis Palmer is one of the world’s best aesthetic plastic surgeons, on his homepage for teen cosmetic surgery, when answering the question whether cosmetic...

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