Stop Kiss

Topics: New York City, Toronto, GLAAD Media Awards Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Stop Kiss
In the play, Stop Kiss by Diana Son, the story is about friends turned lovers, Sara and Callie, who are assaulted for kissing. The play was produced off-Broadway in 1998 at The Public Theater in New York City. In the story, the main characters are Sara and Callie. Sara who moved to New York City from St. Louis to participate in a fellowship at an elementary school, Callie who works at traffic reporter in New York City. The story takes place in New York City’ West Village in the late night. Sara and Callie were walking and have their first kiss which make Sara got attacked by an angry bystander. After she gets attack, Sara gets into coma and become major of the play. People in the play tried to help Sarah starting with Peter who is Sara’s ex-boyfriend from St. Louis, he tried to help her to get healthy again. Next, George who is Callie best friend but he cannot do much about it. Diana Son shows us a human emoting, reacting, and compassion in the play. Stop Kiss is showing us relationship are formed, explored, and even ended.

I feel like this play is a fun and excited story which eases the believability factor. It also offers a different kind of acting challenge, because it is built on brief scenes that alternate between the growing friendship between two women and events that occur after one of them is attacked in a gay bashing. There are some funny and sweet moments as the two women get to know one another, and the story eventually raises questions of commitment that provide their own challenges. But the play takes on a more involving life in the scenes that take place after Sara is attacked.

In the play, we can see how this play effect to our society today. The most part we can see is when two of woman are in love with each other which not most of us are agree with it. Also, we can see the crime that happen in our society are very dangerous. The depiction of the bitter aftermath of a random hate crime is disturbing, and very much still within...
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