Stop Exaggerating Sex Difference

Topics: Male, Female, Boy Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Stop exaggerating sex difference
In recent decades, society has drifted to the automatic assumption that girls’ performance is better than boys’. Some even say that girl’s academic performance, leadership skills, use of language to express themselves and knowledge of the world exceeded boys’. To a great extend, TI would not agree to this view. Truth be told, both boys and girls share similar degree of intelligence and they are under the same education in HK. As a result, the only factor that contributes to the very slight difference between male and female students in HK is the prevalent social attitude. To begin with, there is no sign that girls’ academic achievement is higher than boys’. In fact, on the day of the release of results of public examinations in HK, we can always see there are more boys holding a transcript with 10A’s standing in front of numerous flashing cameras, than girls in news reports. From this example, it is obviously seen that boys’ performance in studies can be more out-standing than girls’. On the other hand, male students can handle leadership skills just as well as female students do. Apart from communication skills which society believes girls are better at, and which I will expound soon, good leaders also require an air of authority, which boys are not lacking in, to command respect and hence facilitate the flow of ideas among members. Being able to understand and making use of each member’s strong points are also of crucial importance. Leadership is all about getting people well collaborated to work things put and has nothing to do with gender.

As for the use language to express oneself, I have to admit that girls really have an advantage over boys as girls are born to use language better. According to modern scientific studies, the brain’s left hemisphere, which controls language and communication, matures faster in girls than in boys in early childhood. That implies that girls can develop language ability faster....
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