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Stop bullying

By rosmeryvpaz Nov 18, 2013 593 Words

World wide, millions of children and teenagers suffer from being bullied. Bullies are everywhere, but are mostly found in schools and on the internet. This can cause many issues to someone being bullied. For one thing, it would start with depression, low self-esteem, and lack of willingness to go to school. Secondly, it would bring anti-social behaviors, self harm and potentially, suicide. These are the starting points to failure and self destruction to children or young adults if we don’t take further action to support and change this horrible issue. To end bullying, we must encourage parents to support and educate their kids by teaching them techniques that would help them survive been bullied.

To begin with, we could start with several steps starting at home. First, teach children to not over react. Children who are often picked on have emotional reactions, they could cry, yell, and hit making them more of a target. The best response to meanness would be to shrug it off and walkway. Secondly, Children should practice assertive responses. Having a response ready can help a child feel more confident. If the child is been teased, he could say, “so what?” Also, if someone takes away something of his, he could say in a stronger and calmer way, “Give that that back to me” Another could be, “That doesn’t belong to you” In other words try to teach them to stand up for themselves if they are being bullied at school or anywhere else. Finally, teach them to cultivate friendships. Children that have two or more friends tend to be bullied less. Help them figure out whom to be friends with in their classes, and have a consistent commutation with them.

Another place where we see major bullying is on the internet. It often begins in primary schools but has far reaching elements into high school and beyond. A lot of teenagers use the internet for entertainment and communications, but then use their personal information and don’t keep it private. For example, a teenager may have a Facebook account and have their phone number showing publicly. As another, they can post a photo of themselves and think it might look seductive but for others it may not. As a consequence, then a bully will start bullying those teenagers that don’t take precautions with their personal information. To prevent this; it is very important that parents monitor what is happening on Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, and Twitter. With the rise of cyber bullying, it can only be dealt with through continuous monitoring by parents and a general assurance by congress to reduce it through the passage of laws. Within the United States, there are a number of legislative pieces that have been directed at social media bullying given a high number over the last few years. Maryland, Missouri, New York, and Rhode Island have all introduced legislation in 2007 seek to reduce harassment. The following year California took cyber bullying head on when they passed one of the first laws in the country that dealt with cyber bullying. The other states had only pursued legislation. Bullying for the most part has been a continual problem in society. Bullies kill, words scar, and rumors destroy. Parents need to educate their children and young adults on safer ways to use social media platforms in order to potentially avoid the worst that is social media bullying. The government needs to continue to understand the importance of confronting the problem of cyber bullying head on, before it grows and other issues result.

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