Stonning of Soraya M

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The story of Soraya M. brings light to world were a women’s voice is not heard. When viewing this film one must think of women in our own lives, what value we put on our loved ones as the value we put on one self. Assuming you have seen the movie, read the novel, I will give a brief summary of a witness account to an unspeakable injustice of an innocent woman, as I would like to focus this paper on the underlying issues such as religion, culture, tradition, customs, authority, betrayal and injustice. It all seemed to be unreal of a dreadful tale being told by a woman in regards to how her niece faced brutal and inhumane death by stoning the day before. The conversation was recorded by a tape recorder, to which was sent for the rest of the world to know.
In a brief summary of the events that occurred in a small Iranian village by the name of Kuhpayeh. The story is being passed down to a journalist who at the time was held at the village due to car problems. Ali was working at a jail at the time, as one of the prisoners was put for death row he made a deal of assisting him if and only, he would be able to marry his daughter for lust and heritage. Ali who was married to a woman named Soraya which he then found his escape by accusing her of denying him and not providing as he pleased. Through many disagreements Soraya would not follow with what Ali craved. Ali then blacked mailed the Mullah, saying if he did not convince Soraya to give him the divorce he would spread the truth behind his dishonorable acts as a former guard. The Mullah then put up an offer to support Soraya in exchange for sexual favors but was denied, Soraya then agreed to work for a widower in return for compensation as she thought that would be her opportunity to support herself and two daughters. As an advantage Ali used the circumstances to spread out lies about Soraya being

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