Stonehenge Mysteries

Topics: Burial, Cemetery, Stonehenge Pages: 4 (1409 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Throughout years humanity was an active witness to various architectural masterpieces created all-around the world. Such monuments were most often created by powerful rulers or monarchs, and were given a certain purpose to fulfill. Structures such as the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, through Acropolis of Athens in Greece and Coliseum in Italy, developed the crafting abilities of human species and enabled them to compose even bigger buildings. Over years people were able to change their techniques when it comes to design and assembly of buildings to assure they would last ages and leave an everlasting legacy. These creations are commonly considered as ‘time capsules’ as they allow archeologists and historians to understand the living realities of the past, and learn more about our ancestors. One of the often, perhaps forgotten monuments is the Stonehenge located in Great Britain. While the whole complex was created well before many other monuments, people and archeologists disregard it due to its yet unknown purpose. Over years many intriguing theories were erected by specialists as well as by storytellers. What was the real purpose of the Stonehenge? The debate over the monument’s true meaning is composed of three, separate camps: those who see it as an astronomical facility, those who believe it once was a healing destination and others who believe it was simply a burial ground. Over many years since the Stonehenge began to capture the attention of specialists, it has been an object of countless speculations. One of the often-repeated theories offers an idea of Stonehenge serving people of the past as an astronomical site. The most descriptive analysis of the site’s astronomical significance was developed by Gerald Hawkins in the late 1960’s. “In his analysis, he identified 165 separate points on the monument.” Every one of the points can be linked to occurrences observed in the skies. Hawkins was one of the very first scientists who effectively utilized...
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