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I choose to write my article summary on the article New Light on Stonehenge written by Dan Jones and originally published in the October 2008 issue of the Smithsonian. I chose this article because I was having difficulty picking a topic that sounded interesting to me, and the more I thought about different topics I decided I would rather read an article where all of the information is new to me and not something that I have heard before in some class. That led me to finding an article on Stonehenge and this article caught my attention as I read it.

New Light on Stonehenge is an article about to archeologists, Timothy Darvil and Geoffrey Wainwright, and there theories and the excavation of Stonehenge they were in charge of. Unlike most theories that Stonehenge was a place of observatory or a royal burial ground Darvil and Wainwright believed that Stonehenge was a place of healing, where sick people Carne to be cured and the injured Carne to be healed. They Carne about this theory based purely on the stones that were used to build Stonehenge. The bluestones as they are called are believed to have magic healing powers.

Stonehenge as we know it today took at least 400 years to build as we know it today. The first stage of the building was built around 3000 B.C. and was just a simple circular earthwork enclosure. About 2000 years later, around 2800 B.C., wooden posts were placed inside the enclosure, similar to Woodhenge located only a couple miles east of Stonehenge. It is believed that Stonehenge began to take its present day form 2000 years later. Large stones were brought to the site for the final phase of the construction. 80 or so bluestones were put in place in a double circle with an entrance built facing the northeast. According to Andrew Fitzpatrick of Wessex Archaeology, “Their arrival is when Stonehenge was transformed from a quite ordinary and typical monument into something unusual.”

The arrival of the stones has caused many people...
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