Stone Column Pros And Cons

Topics: National Mall, Julian calendar, Corinthian order Pages: 4 (773 words) Published: September 22, 2015

Introduction: I’m going to be talking about why Stone Columns, Road and Calendars are very important to the world now and back then. Also the positive and negative affects they have one the world/people.

Stone Columns

Till this day we still have stone columns, Ionic columns, Doric columns, and Corinthian. You can tell the difference between them all because Ionic columns have scrolls, Doric columns are on top, and Corinthian have carved stone leaves. We still have and use these different types of columns till this day even in Washington D.C. Examples of these different types of columns are the Lincoln memorial, the Jefferson memorial and the supreme courts. These different types of columns influences out lives because a lot of memorial like the Lincoln memorial, inside of the memorial is...

Roads helps people to get to one place to another, the roads were used to link far-away provinces with Rome and army used them to move soldiers quickly. Roads have helped out our daily lives a lot even till this day with different transportation. John Loudon Adam designs the first modern road. He developed paving material and stone aggregate. Before roads there was really much nothing People went on horse, wagons or walked to where they had to go even if it was a long way to get there. You have different types of highways they are divide highways, country road, state highway, U.S highway, freeways, and many more. Roads have somewhat effected the people today in a bad way because some roads are curvy and dangerous which can cause for people to get into a bad car accident and car accidents are one of the leading cause of death. Another negative way that roads have affected people is that road traffic kills about 1.24 million people each year. Positive way, roads Help people in the community out by going to school or taking produce to a market. This is how roads have impacted our life in a negative and positive way in the past and...
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