Stone Cold

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Diary entries on stone cold
15 September 2007
My life was better before Vince came. My dad was here, Carole lived with us. Mum was much happier until dad left of with someone, then everything began to be worse. 12 November 2007
When Vince came Carole left and moved to her boyfriend’s house. Mum began to be miserable. Vince would slap me and would lock me out of the house he wouldn’t allow mum to open the door so I left. I started living on the streets now and again I would stop at carols house I would eat something and have a bath but sometimes I would even spend the night but I saw in her boyfriend’s eyes that he didn’t want me there so I left altogether. 25 December 2007

I went to mums and carols for Christmas that’s when I really felt unloved they got me a sleeping bag so I left to London I got a one way ticket there Carole had lent me money I had 150 pounds I rented a flat which was 50 pounds a night on a Friday after a week Rat face my landlord asked for the rent but I hadn’t got the money and it was a Friday so it wasn’t the end of the week I had until Sunday to pay the rent. But he kicked me out. 18 February 2008

I’m living on the streets I have found a friend called ginger we stay together but today he has gone missing I have no idea where he’s gone we were meant to meet in Camden town but he’s not here what happens if someone’s betting him up or he’s lost or maybe he doesn’t want to be with me he could be anywhere but he’s probably ok I hope.
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