Stone angel

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“The Stone Angel” CPT
It is often said that those with the biggest egos are the ones that are easiest to bruise. Pride, being one of the seven deadly sins is the feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievement and being prideful over a quality or skill. In many stories where tragedy occurs, pride is often the downfall of many characters and causes the character’s demise. In the novel “The Stone Angel” written by Margaret Laurence, pride is a dominate theme because it causes characters to disconnect and isolate themselves from whose closest to them. Hagar Currie/Shipley’s pride is driven by fear and therefore results in her loneliness. However unlike the film “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” directed by Lasse Hallstrom, pride is not an evident theme. Gilbert’s character is living in constant fear however; fear that his younger brother Arnie will harm himself and fearing that he will disappoint his family. The similarities between pride and fear is that it creates an internal struggle both characters experience; the theme of man vs. man.

Hagar Currie is born into a well off family, with her father Jason Currie and her brothers Dan and Matt. Dan and Matt take after their mother’s gracefulness and daintiness, unlike Hagar who is big boned and husky as an ox, just as her father. It is undeniable that Hagar’s pride originates from Jason. An example of this inherited trait is when Jason is scolding Hagar in the family’s store. “I wouldn’t let him see me cry. I was so enraged.” (Laurence 9). After Jason is finished with her punishment, he says “You take after me,” “You’ve got backbone, I’ll give you that.” (Laurence 10). The similarities between Jason and Hagar creates an effect that causes Jason to favour Hagar above her other siblings. While Matt is restricted to working at the store, Hagar is given the opportunity to go to school for two years. Furthermore, another example of Hagar’s pride pushing the people closest to her away is when Hagar’s first son Marvin...
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