Stolen Jane Harrison Notes

Topics: Family, Mother, 2009 singles Pages: 4 (1121 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Quotes/EVIDENCE for Stolen Jane Harrison:
1. “Don’t need no home of me own. Got enough to do”- Ruby. 2. “I carry my home with me”- Sandy
3. “I’m gonna be a grandmother”- Shirley
4. “I want my mummy”- Ruby
5. “Where are you”- Ruby
6. “What about my fish”- Sandy
7. “Sandy, run….. Always on the run”- Sandy’s mum and Sandy 8. “It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a black baby go blue”- Sandy’s aunt 9. “Willy?... Jimmy!”- Jimmy and Anne
10. “I promised not to tell”- Ruby
11. “I’m coming back for you… I love you Ruby”- Ruby’s mum 12. “Your mother’s not coming. She’s dead” – Matron to Jimmy 13. “I wanna go home”- Jimmy
14. “Sorry ma’am”- Ruby
15. “Do it for me, Ruby” –Authority figure. Ruby has to “clean, wash, cook, scrub, nurse, mop, shop, iron” 16. “don’t want no trouble”- Ruby
17. “You do try so hard”
18. “Oh Ruby, Ruby, how many times have I told you?”- Lady 19. “You dirty Abo”- Arsehole
20. “Shut up about my mother. My mother’s dead”- Jimmy 21. “Leave me alone”- Jimmy
22. “Let him go, let him go, let him go”- Jimmy’s mother 23. “Anne, we’ve brought you up as one of our own”- foster father 24. “We’ve given you everything”- foster mother
25. “Don’t you appreciate all we’ve done”- foster father 26. “But we’re your real family”- Black voice
27. “Who do you think you are” – Black and white voice 28. “Do I say…. Where have you been all my life?”
29. “I know I’m gunna cry”- Jimmy’s mother
30. “Will he like me? Will he love me”- Jimmy’s mother 31. Nancy pulls the twenty six presents from out of the box… collapses and dies 32. “Sis we’ve come to take you home”- Sister
33. “You’ve got to be joking”- Sandy
34. “They kept saying she was dead… but I could feel her spirit”- Jimmy 35. “And no one is gonna take her from me”- Shirley
36. “Hey I don’t have to run away any more.. Wooha I’m going- home”- Sandy 37. “Either way, I love them both”- Anne
38. “I’m finally going to meet my mother”- Jimmy
39. “And I’m gonna catch that fish”- Sandy

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