Stolen Generation Essay

Topics: Southeast Asia, Medicine, Indigenous Australians Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: March 29, 2009
The discovery of Australia by the English on January 26th 1788 was a terrific day for the aboriginals. White settlement meant the colonization of Australia.

Education is one of the main things in life and if you don’t have that you’re going to end up on the street. That’s where white settlement comes in, The British built schools for most aboriginal children, they tough them how to eat properly, speak English, math’s and how to build things.

Health is a main necessity in life and if you don’t have that you’re pretty much dead. To my opinion the white settlement really boosted there health with the hospitals and western medicine which stopped many deaths that the aboriginals would of never been able to stop with their type of medicine, Sure the British introduced diseases and cattle and all types of foreign things but at least the British didn’t kill them all. Food is a major necessity in live and if you don’t have that you will starve and eventually die. the British helped the aboriginals with there food by giving them food from the British’s very own crops and animals. Before the white settlement came the aboriginals ate food off plants and their very own crops, aswell as fish, yabbies and so on. So in the subject of food it was great in that matter.

Homes are a major luxury in life and if you don’t have one you’re either camping or homeless. The British built homes for the aboriginals which were called hostels, a hostel is a place where there are about 100 beds in a building full of aboriginal people.

Clothes are great because they keep you warm and comfortable. Instead of having animal skin as their clothes the British gave them cotton clothes so they wouldn’t get cold during the night.

So in conclusion the British discovering Australia was a terrific thing because they put Australia on the map. If the British did not discover Australia the Dutch or the French would of discovered Australia and would of probably killed all of the Aboriginals any...
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