Stolen Generation

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Black people, Human rights Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The landing of white man in Australia caused havoc for the first Aboriginal inhabitants of the land. For years the white society pushed and shoved the aboriginal culture and traditions out. Many of the universal declaration human rights were breached and ignored against the aboriginal people. One of the worst crimes that has stained Australia’s history would be the “Stolen generation” this disgraceful event caused many social and physical problems for the children who were kidnapped. The policy of assimilation introduced in the 1950’s encouraged aboriginal people to ‘act white, think white and even look white’. They used genocide during this time as the white society wanted nothing to do with the aboriginal people and saw them as foreign creatures to be excluded. In their attempt to slowly end the black aboriginal race, the Australian government ordered aboriginal half caste or mixed blood, to be taken from their mothers and thrown into orphanage homes. This policy’s major plan was to ‘Europeanise’ the aboriginal culture with the white society, however this was a huge issue as nobody accepted black skin the population at the time simply was not ready for their arrival. Even though this policy brought help for the aboriginals, the plan failed as it meant that their traditional ways would eventually disappear. The aboriginal people were forced off the reserves and into town houses and cities, the unemployment and lack of and education limited them a sustainable job. The Racism and discrimination was a major problem for the aboriginal people as they were completely ignored and disrespected. Under this policy of assimilation half caste aboriginal children were stolen from their parents and taken into government funded homes where they were thought to live and act like white people. The children were taken away from their biological mother and either adopted into a white family or placed into an orphanage. The boys were sent to kinchella boys home and girls at...
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