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Stolen Artifacts Worksheet

By Lola-Martinez Oct 31, 2014 465 Words
Stolen ArtifactsWorksheet
ead through both “View the Evidence” and “Read the Court Records.” You will answer the questions on this worksheet and then use those answers to complete Quiz and a writing assignment.


From “View the Evidence”
1. What are the three daisy species that grow in the Anasazi archaeological site? A.



2. How many different forms of the protein compositase did the state botanist detect with gel electrophoresis? (select the answer)



3. Mark the form of the compositase found in each daisy species? One form of compositase

Hybrid form of compositase

X confertifolia
X. tortifolia
X. cronquistii

4. These species with only one form contain the

forms of compositase.

5. Which of the three species has a hybrid of both forms of compositase?

6. After the state agent compared data from her notes with that from the gel studies, which of the three daisy species was determined to be growing closest to the archaeological site?

7. According to information provided by the state botanist, is X. cronquistii widespread or rare in the Southwest?


8. Does the distribution of X. cronquistii coincide (overlap) with the location archaeological site? YES


From “Read the Court Records”
9. According to the state agent, where did she encounter the plant material she was submitting as evidence against Pete Anderson? (how did she show the jury the association between the plant, the pot, and Pete?)

10. What are the soil preferences for each of these three species? X confertifolia prefers
X. tortifolia prefers
X. cronquistii prefers

11. What Act gives state agents the responsibility to protect archaeological sites?

12. According to the BLM archaeologist, how far was the archaeological site from the Johnson Mine Property?

13. Based only on its morphology (= phenotype, the way it looks), do you think that the BLM archaeologist would be able to determine which of the three daisy species was the one that he found smashed near the archaeological site? Why or why not?

14. Where did Pete Anderson claim he found the pot that he sold to the state agent?

15. What evidence did Sheriff Gates offer that might support Anderson’s story?

16. According to the state geologist, what kind of soil was found in the treads of Pete Anderson’s tires?

17. According to the state botanist, which daisy species did he find near Pete Anderson’s shed?

18. What is the most common daisy species that grows in the grey shale layer?

19. Which daisy species does he say was found in the pot recovered by the state agent?

20. What proof does he offer to back up his opinion?

Next, use your worksheet to complete the Stolen Artifacts Quiz and the Stolen Artifacts Writing Assignment.
The password for the Stolen Artifact Quiz is “indianajones”.

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