Stock Market and Common Stock

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Authorized and available shares Aspin Corporation’s charter authorizes issuance of
2,000,000 shares of common stock. Currently, 1,400,000 shares are outstanding, and 100,000 shares are being held as treasury stock. The firm wishes to raise
$48,000,000 for a plant expansion. Discussions with its investment bankers indicate that the sale of new common stock will net the firm $60 per share.
a. What is the maximum number of new shares of common stock that the firm can sell without receiving further authorization from shareholders?
b. Judging on the basis of the data given and your finding in part a, will the firm be able to raise the needed funds without receiving further authorization?
c. What must the firm do to obtain authorization to issue more than the number of shares found in part a?
500,000 acciones.
No son suficientes harían falta alrededor de 300,000 acciones adicionales a las 500,000 disponibles, los dueños de la empresa deberían de mostrar por que el plan que se quiere hacer para que los demás acepten la creación de mas acciones comunes.
Common stock value—Zero growth Kelsey Drums, Inc., is a well-established supplier of fine percussion instruments to orchestras all over the United States. The company’s class A common stock has paid a dividend of $5.00 per share per year for the last 15 years. Management expects to continue to pay at that amount for the foreseeable future. Sally Talbot purchased 100 shares of Kelsey class A common
10 years ago at a time when the required rate of return for the stock was 16%. She wants to sell her shares today. The current required rate of return for the stock is
12%. How much capital gain or loss will Sally have on her shares?
La accion cuesta $41.66 pesos (5/.12), el total por las 100 acciones es de $4,166. Hace 10 años las acciones costaban $31.25 por acción por lo que Sally tendrá una ganancia de $1,041.
Common stock value—Constant growth McCracken Roofing, Inc., common stock

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