Stock Market and Bear

Topics: Inditex, Stock market, Strategic management Pages: 15 (4020 words) Published: April 18, 2009
- Introduction 4
- Industry Analysis
- National and International environment 5
- PESTEL Analysis 6
- PORTER`s five forces 8
- Interview12

- Company background14
- PULL AND BEAR`s case14
- Vision, mission and objectives15
- Swot analysis16
- The strategic management process17
- The critical success factors18


PULL AND BEAR is a textile company was set up by the Inditex Group in 1991. Since its creation, its fashion concept has known how to adapt to the needs of young people, and is now a clear point of reference for casual, laid-back clothing. PULL AND BEAR would like to be something more than just a point of sale. As well as the clothes and accessories, the chain offers special spaces in the stores in which the display fixtures are combined with recycled elements from the past, to create the kind of surroundings that young people love. PULL AND BEAR offers products as: clothes, shoes, complements, cosmetics…. And its object public is young men and women.

Pull and Bear has increased its international presence. It has more than 469 stores in 32 countries including Mexico, Cyprus, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Israel, Kuwait, UAE, Venezuela, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Latvia, Andorra, Slovakia, Romania, France, Russia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia, El Salvador, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Guatemala. In Ireland there are 7 stores, one of them in Waterford. The turnover has increased in 73.9 million of euros because of its international expansion (this company consider to features of each market).

No. of Stores469427
% International sales40,233,2
% of Inditex6,36,6
* in million of euros



The textile industry is an important part in the production of consumer goods. In the last two decades the Textile Spanish Industry has experimented a restructuring because of liberalization of the textile exchange. This restructuring involve loss of employments and the disappearance of a large number of firms.

Due to these transformations, firms have improved their competitive position because they have incorporated process and product innovations. In recent years there have been a large number of offshorings and adjustments. Currently the textile sector gives work to 2.7 millions of workers in Europe and about 600,000 in EE.UU There has been an important increase in the imports from China. This is due to the elimination the imports quota since 1st January 2005 (in the last decades imports quotas were a protection instrument in Occident upon developing countries). According to what the OMC says, China will control in ten years about 60% global textile market, and India will control about 10%. In the future, mundial textile market will be concentrated among five or ten countries, in which will not figure neither European countries nor EE.UU

-Promotion of the fashion from Spanish institutions
- Fashion Global Programme: stimulate the export in the Spanish Textil Sector - Cibeles Catwalk in Madrid, Gaudí Catwalk in Barcelona
-The Community policy has a great influence in the sector
Economic global instability ( 11M, Irak war…)
-Telecommunications and information technology make easy global logistics firm -Advances in the Chemical Sector: appearance in the national market of new materials and cheaper fabrics that minimize production costs. -Information technology: IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information, securely. Recently it includes the field of electronic communication so that people...
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