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Assignment One
1. Communication and relationships with children, young children and adults Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children? Children and young children

It is important to communicate with children in a manner that is clear, concise and appropriate to their ages, needs and abilities. This involves: using words and phrases that children will understand and asking appropriate questions to see by the children’s response if they understand. If you can develop a good relationship with a child then it will deliver confidence to the pupil. This leading to him/her trusting you and coming to you with problems they might have. Good relationships with children may also help you to see a child’s strengths and weaknesses, noticing what they are good at and what needs improving. This leading to children being able to prioritise and decide what is right and wrong within a classroom. It is also equally important to ensure that your relationship with the pupil(s) is professional without being too distant, Ensuring all children feel welcomed and valued. Other ways to help develop a relationship with children are: Remembering children’s names and pronouncing them correctly. Being approachable and willing to listen to pupils

Giving time to pupils as individuals
Avoiding stereotypical judgements about individual pupils concerning race, gender, ability or religion. Being alert to children’s feelings
Also with young people it is important to grab the children’s attention before speaking as they can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Speak as if you mean it by using a firm tone of voice and give clear instructions as well as saying thank you, your welcome and well done when they have done something you asked. Make sure you make requests simple and do not overload the child with information. It is important to talk with the children and not at them, allowing the child to know that you are willing to talk with them as well as listen. Adult

Effective communication between other members of staff and parents helps in the pupil’s behaviour and standard of work. This can be discussed between with the parent at a meeting, via letter, e-mail or phone call so they know how their child is performing. Also you could create a better relationship with the pupil as they will be pushed at school and at home by their parents. By involving the parent in their children’s performance at school it allows the child to know that people are interested and believe in their ability. 291 words

2. Explain the principles of relationship building with:
You must be able to speak appropriately for the child’s age, ability or language barrier. For example speaking to a child who has English as an additional language would require you to speak slower, with more annunciations and more facial expressions. Principles such as: Understanding the child’s problems

Give the pupil your full attention
Come down to their level when speaking so they do not feel intimidated and you have eye contact Take the time to speak, which is especially important with children who have confidence issues or problems at home. Ask appropriate question so that the child can open up about their problems. Positive, friendly body language must be used to gain the trust of the child or young person and this will allow them to feel at ease with you. Young people

Relationships to young people are very important. They are trying to find themselves and establish what they want to do with their life, and as part of that they become sensitive to hoe they are treated and valued by others. When building relationships with young people try and find out what they are interested in. What are their hobbies? Adults

Principles for adults are:
Giving them the appropriate feedback
Engage with the person you are talking to and treat them as individuals Listen and understand their problems
You need to interpret what the...
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