Still I Rise

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, African American Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 4, 2011
Still I rise

Good morning, Mrs. Roberts and classmate. Today I am going to perform the poem” Still I rise” by Maya Angelou. Firstly, I would like to talk briefly the poet. Maya Angelou was born in 1928.  At a young age Maya had to deal with many issues such as rape her identity as a black person.  However, encouraged by her grandmother, who introduced her to literature and she gradually emerged as a talented artist. In the 1960s, Angelou began to focus on writing. She became one of a bestselling author and she was also nominated for a national book award. “Still I rise” by Angelou is a powerful and has inspired generations of African-American women and all people who have been through hard times to overcome prejudice, discrimination and abuse.

The poet has used a lyric poem effectively to express motion and eulogise Angelou’s ability to rise above all the shots and criticism that black people take at her. Structurally, the poem has a consistent rhyming pattern of a regular ABCB until it reaches the last two stanzas. Stanza one to four provides is a good example of syllable pattern, “history-lies-dirt-rise”. It is arouse that “Still I rise” begins in making the reader immediately think of a sense of lies and silent discrimination surround the history of African- American as Angelou mentions dust in the first stanza. This brings along to mind many blacks were killed. Angelou tells us how she is above lies and oppression, and “like dust, I’ll rise”. Angelou also uses simile, 'But still, like dust, I'll rise.' 'But still, like air, I'll rise'. Air gives a sense of uplifting feeling; as a result Angelou is raising her own mood refreshed and light. The second and third begin with different rhetorical questions. Angelou’s attitude as a confident African American woman and she clever asks the question to those that are perceived as taking offense at the rise of her spirit and this gives the reader the opportunity to review their lives, contemplate...
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