Stick Fights and Lip Plates

Topics: Surma people, Marriage, Wife Pages: 3 (1273 words) Published: November 5, 2010
Abstract: In the country of Ethiopia, there live a group of people called the Surma. They all live very closely to one another. In this culture, the two popular practices they do are stick fighting and lip plates. For the men stick fighting is a type of fighting that is done in order to marry one of the girl in the village. The winner of the fight wins a wife and the loser ends up getting really hurt and ends up with no wife. For the women in this culture, lip plates is a common practice that is done in order to attract the male to get them to marry them. It is said that the bigger the lips the more likely hood that the women is going to get marry and that her family will get more cows as well. Main Points: The Surma people live in a remote corner of south-western Ethiopia, virtually untouched by the modern world. Their culture practice a polygamy type of marriage. A polygamy is a form of marriage in which a person has more than one spouse at the same time. When a man has more than one wife, the relationship is called polygyny. In this culture, in order for a marriage to occur a women would need to have her lips pierced with a lip plate around it. It is considered beautiful when a women has a large lip plate around her lips. Back in the day the lip plates were emplace in order to scary away anyone that was not part of the village and it help prevent the females from getting kidnap by other people. As for the men, in order for a marriage to happen he would need to first battle someone from his village in a stick fight. Sticking Fighting is a popular fighting that is done in the country of Ethiopia. The winner of the fight wins a wife while the loser goes home with a badly injury body and no wife. Most of the women in the village likes to watch these kind of fighting because they know that their future husband is there waiting for them. Of course at the end of the day whoever is the strongest fighter is the most popular to the women because they all want to...
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