Sti Setup

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Engine Management System
Instruction Manual for: Dicktator Std Dicktator Wasted Spark Dicktator 60-2 or 36-1 Dicktator 60-2 V8

Accuracy you can depend on Contents
1. Installation Guide
    Computer Requirements Installation of the Dicktator software Finding the icon to start the Dicktator software How to connect the Dicktator to the PC software

2. Using the PC Software
 Initial setup of ECU  Calibrating your sensors - Throttle Position Sensor Calibration - Water Temperature Sensor Calibration - Air Temperature Sensor Calibration  Setting up the Optional Outputs - Flap/VTEC/NOS/Shift Light/RPM Switch - Launch and Anti Lag Control Setup - Idle Control Setup - How to tune up the Idle Control  Working with the compensation maps - Battery Voltage Compensation - Water Temperature Compensation - Air Temperature Compensation - Throttle Pump Compensation  Working with the fuel maps - How to navigate the fuel maps - How to Tune or Change the fuel values in the map - Using the All Ranges Up Function  Working with the ignition maps - How to navigate the ignition maps - How to Tune or Change the ignition values in the map - Using the All Ranges Right Function

3. How to Tune
        What are the Crosshairs used for What is Interpolation What Keys are used Tuning the Fuel Maps Tuning for Fuel Economy Tuning for Power Tuning the Ignition Maps What is Detonation

Installation Guide
Computer Requirements The programming software requires a PC running Windows XP, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows 98 or Windows 95 release 2 along with the following specifications. Minimum Requirements: 133MHz processor 16Mb of RAM memory 20 MB of free Disk space VGA colour display 800x600 (preferably 1024x768) Recommended: 400MHz processor 64Mb of RAM memory 100 MB of free disk space VGA colour display 1024x768 Installing the Dicktator Software Installing the Dicktator software onto your PC is performed similar to any other Windows software package. These basic steps below should ensure correct installation of the software: 1. Insert the CD-ROM disk into your PC’s CD-ROM drive. 2. Run the executable file “SETUP.EXE” from the CD-ROM drive.

3. The installation program will startup with a welcome screen. Click on OK to continue.

4. On the Begin Installation Screen there is a big square button to start the process. Typically you should just press the button to continue. Otherwise, if you wish you can install the software into a specific folder on your hard drive. Click the Big square button to start the installation.

5. With the icon screen you have the opportunity to place the icon in a specific place on the start menu. Typically you just press Continue and allow the software to place the icon automatically.

6. The progress screen is just in informative screen to show you that the computer has not gotten stuck in a process. Do not do anything with this screen.

7. This is the File Version Conflict Screen. This screen will only pop up if you already have a version of Dicktator on you computer. If it does, then exit the installation and remove the previous version of Dicktator software through the control panel.

8. Once the Installation has completed its task the setup completion screen will appear. Just click OK and the installation is final.

Finding the icon to start the Dicktator software 1. Click on the Start button. 2. Click on programs. 3. Click on the Dicktator folder. 4. Click on the Dicktator Icon

How to connect the Dicktator to the PC software All you need is a standard RS232 serial comms cable. If you don’t have a cable and want to make one, it’s still a simple job. You need a male and female 9 pin connector. Get a 3 core wire and connect pins 2-2, 3-3, 5-5 like in the diagram below. 1 9 2 8 3 7 4 6 5 5 4 6 3 7 2 8 1 9

Once you have your cable, plug it in to the PC and Dicktator. Turn on your ignition and start the PC software. You will notice that on the Data Display...
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