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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
Most people find it difficult to differentiate, between Steve Jobs from Bill Gates. Therefore, I am going to give a brief explanation about their ideas. After this, I will compare both of their backgrounds and their appearances in order to distinguish them. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are definitely smart; they have both built huge companies and earned a lot of money.
Throughout time Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have had very good ideas about computers. In fact, Steve Jobs was a pioneer in computer software, developing Macintosh operating system and Macintosh Corporation. On the contrary, Bill Gates purchased a license from Jobs Corporation and used it to create his own Operative system, and he called it Windows. Many people think that Gates stole Jobs brilliant idea.
Actually, most people do not know that both have a completely opposite background. In-depth, Jobs was a working-class kid from California who believed in tight control over all his products, on the other hand, Bill Gates was an upper class kid from Washington who believed in open products and did not worry much about design. As far I know, both have had big success in their lives and earned a lot of money.
Besides that, one implication why the people do not distinguish them is their ages, which are the same. Steve Jobs was born in 1955 in California, United States and founded his company in 1976 along with a neighborhood friend making it a complete and instant success. Equally, the intelligent Bill Gates was born in 1955 on Washington D.C., and he created his software company Microsoft around 1975's, but he made his first sale in 1980 to IBM. Hence, people confuse them, because of their same age.
In conclusion, it is important to say that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are very intelligent people. Both of their thinking are similar without going into details. Their backgrounds are very different, but, people do not know that. About their ages, they are the same age so everybody mixes them up. However, I have always believed that they are very intelligent and millionaire’s people, and they have their differences.
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