Steve Jobs: an American Entrepreneur

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Introduction 2
Steve Jobs: often called Silicon valley pioneer and the author of unique leadership ideas 3 Brand fanaticism and radical customer devotion 4 Jobsí transformational leadership 5 Perfectionism, egoism and creating ëkilling productsí 5 Trust in success and the chosen strategy 7 Summary 7 Jobsí leadership ideas within hospitality industry 8 Conclusion 11 1

Leadership: Steve Jobs
The aim of the work is to consider the leadership style of the Apple's CEO Steve Jobs through the analysis of the articles and works connected with his business activity; it is also necessary to contemplate on the way his leadership style and ideas can be applied within hospitality industry. Introduction

Leadership ideas at present acquire new meaning in the hospitality industry; leadership is subjected to close research from the theoretical and practical viewpoints, as well as from the viewpoint of its relevance and application to the hotel and hospitality business in general. It has become evident, that hospitality industry needs talented leaders no less than other economic and business areas, but as far as hospitality sector possesses very peculiar features, and is concentrated on providing its customers with unique services, leadership in this sector is not universal, but is clear that leadership ideas taken from other prominent enterprises and personalities can be used, modified and applied to the sphere of hospitality business. This paper is an attempt to analyze one of the prominent leaders of the present time through the key features, which make him that prominent, and to see, whether and how these features can be used for the improved performance in the hospitality sector. The key issues to be analyzed are what personal and business characteristics the leader possesses and should possess in hospitality business to make it stably profitable, recognizable and trusted through the application of the leadership style peculiar of Steve Jobs, the Appleís CEO and the person who has made Apple company one of the key players on the market of advanced technologies. 2

Steve Jobs: often called Silicon valley pioneer and the author of unique leadership ideas In order to understand the leadership style of Steve Jobs and the core ideas and steps which led his Apple company to this success through the period while he has been and stays its CEO, it will be appropriate to start the discussion with one of Job's quotations, which may shed the light on his leadership characteristics and define the direction in which the discussion will go ñ 'Innovation distinguishes between the leader and the follower' (Deutschman, 2001) This quotation is the key to the leadership style of Steve Jobs; he has made innovations accessible to the customers so that they keep opening their wallets. (ICFAI, 2006) However, is it so easy to be a leader and to be noted among the most prominent America's leaders as it may seem at first glance? Somebody may become surprised to know that Jobs has not graduated any college (he started his education but never finished it), devoting all his lifetime to new technologies and innovations in this sphere. Thus, it appears that leadership is the feature which is born, and not acquired? Probably this right, however, Jobs also proves that being a leader is a complex of various aspects and visions. The fact that he founded his Apple computer in 1976 and by the year 2005 the company already had around 15,000 employers is the evidence of the successful leadership features which Jobs was able to use in his career making both him and his company successful. First of all, one of the articles found about Steve Jobs says that he may be supposed to be the central personality within the company, that he has become the icon and cult-like personality, and thus Apple may be seen as 'personality-driven'. (Young, 2005) However, the question here is whether it is good or bad, is it really that Jobs is a cult, and how personality-...
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