Steve Earle A Death In Texas

Topics: Crime, Mind, Change, Thought, Murder / Pages: 4 (834 words) / Published: Oct 17th, 2016
In the essay “A Death in Texas” Steve Earle writes about a Mr. Jonathon Nobles, a murderer of Kelley Farquhar and Mitzi Nalley. He was tried and found guilty. Earle’s attempts of being a prison pen pal really benefited his own mind as well as Nobles. From the writing of Earle, I really do believe that Nobles was rehabilitated. Earle states numerous cases in which Nobles portrays his own rehabilitation. Although many believe criminals, no matter the crime, are all vicious and evil without really exploring the mind and emotions of the convicted. I have to admit I am not one to pity the “bad guys” of our society, in this case I wouldn’t say I pity Nobles but I really did witness his changes through the work. When Nobles was first introduced …show more content…
He has become able to reveal remorse and acts of sincere compassion. He has accepted his flaws and certain death because of them. Nobles would have no reason to changes his ways considering there is no changing his fate, he did what he had to do in order to make things right for himself. There is no way of knowing the mind of Jonathon Nobles, considering his actions he was able to overcome his mistakes and become a man of a saved soul. Earle saw the changes of this imprisoned man just through his writings. Earle could look through the tough prisoner and begin to see the long and successful recover. Nobles became everything that society thrives on but never can achieve. I am not saying that the murders of those young people helped Nobles become the man he was supposed to be, yet in some cases it takes pain and regret to realize the changes you need to make within oneself. Earle was familiar with Nobles situation, his past was filled with drugs and alcohol and Earle himself was a rehabilitated man. When you have been down that road you can spot others who are struggling just as bad as you have and I truly agree with the thoughts of Earle and his faith in this man. Without accepting people like Earle and Nobles this world would forever be filled with hate and remorseless people. It takes real men and women to accept their wrongs and learn from them. Nobles did the crime, the time, and eventually met his maker son before his natural time. Who knows the life Nobles would have lived without prison, but because of his time he was able to become a changed

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