Topics: Stereotype, Homosexuality, Ethnic stereotype Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: May 7, 2013

By. Shawanna Fields

PHI103: Informal Logic

Instructor: Nicole Yurchak

March 4, 2013

Have you ever been stereotyped by anyone or has anyone ever stereotyped you? Being stereotyped can be a hard thing to get over it if that labeled that someone has given you seem to say and that is how everyone looks at you. Well I get stereotyped all the time. I have just become use to ignoring people ignorance not knowing the unknown. The book states that a stereotype is basic on a broad judgment of something or somebody. There is no bases for the judgment on fact, just what meets the eye. I get stereotyped all the time for my gender, my race, and sexual preference.

I am a woman and I have always carried myself, as such the only different is I do not dress in what is typically called woman apparels. I am not into the dresses and heels. I am a simple chick I like to wear things that make me feel comfortable. Because of the guy jeans and the bottom down shirts I have been labeled a tomboy, and dyke or why do you always look like a boy. My response is this is what makes me feel good about me. I am not going to wear a dress and it makes me feel uncomfortable just so someone else feels happy. The way I dress has nothing to do with who I am as a person, my ability to handle my business or accomplish all my goals. When people think you are different one tends to have to work harder to get your point across. There are so many debates on what is the normal and what is not. Who made up what is acceptable in society, did they take a look at the whole picture because they are no to people in this world who should look the same so why should I dress like every other woman that is what makes me unique.

Being a black American woman is super hard all the time. In my line of business, on the telephone I do not sound ethic but then in person there first response is am I the secetary. When I inform them that I am the boss they might give me a strange look. Then...

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