Steroids In Professional Sports

Topics: Anabolic steroid, Major League Baseball, Testosterone, Barry Bonds, Drug addiction, Home run / Pages: 4 (964 words) / Published: Nov 23rd, 2016
For as long as sports have been around, countless numbers of athletes have been driven towards being the best. As sports become more competitive, many athletes find several ways to improve their strengths and abilities. One possible solution to the problem is the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Specifically Steroids, which flourished in Major League Baseball in the 1970s. During the 1900s steroids quickly became much more excessively used and widespread. Awareness of the problem was initially ignored, however; the statistical evidence on the issue had become much too strong too and the problem was brought to the attention of the public. The awareness of the issue left the public with questions on how the drugs work. Steroids have …show more content…
In1995, Chicago physician Bob Goldman had conducted a questionnaire for 198 athletes presenting the case on the use of steroids. The athletes that participated were all Olympic level athletes and were asked the question, “If there was a drug that leads to no negative consequences to them and guaranteed to win, would you take it?” (Goldman) All but two players said yes. Then a different question was asked, what if this time the situation could be repeated for five consecutive years? This time however, death would be a certainty caused by the effects of the drugs. More than half of the athletes had answered yes once again. The chance of winning had trumped the price of life. The corruption in baseball did not just happen overnight or with the advancement of …show more content…
From the discovery of steroids in the 1930s, to the ban in Major League Baseball in 91’ up to the drug testing that begun in 03’ steroids have created change in baseball. The history of baseball and performance-enhancing drugs have not only affected the players but the people who pay to see a great game. Baseball is known to be America's sport, a sport that sailed Americans through the hardships and struggles of life and a sport built on tough lessons and beautiful wins. A sport invented by Abner Doubleday during the summer of 1839, and which became America's highly regarded national pastime for many years to

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