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Central Community College

SPCH 1110 Public Speaking
Instructor and Class Information
Instructor Name

Deb Lawson



Office: 1+308-398-7553


Cell Phone: 308-383-2223

Office Location

Central Community College
3134 W Highway 34
P.O. Box 4903
Grand Island, NE 68802-4903
- my office is located at the Grand Island Campus in the suite of offices in the 400 wing.
The best ways to contact your instructor are by texting (or calling) my cell phone: 308-382-2223 OR through email:

Instructor Office

Please call and make an appointment.

Instructor Information
Master of Arts, Education with Speech Communication Emphasis - University of Nebraska at Kearney - Dec. 2006
- 45 additional hours of Speech & English graduate coursework Initial Teaching Certificate, State of Nebraska
Endorsements: Speech Education 7-12 & Health Education 7-12
- University of Nebraska at Kearney - May 2004
Updated Teaching Certificate, State of Nebraska
Additional Endorsement: English 7-12
- University of Nebraska at Kearney - August 2009
Bachelor of Science, Human Services Administration
- Bellevue University, Grand Island Campus - Jan. 2002
Associate of Applied Science, Human Services
- Central Community College, Grand Island Campus - May 1995
Section Number

DG500 & DG501

Start Date


End Date

Syllabus - Page 1 of 10
Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:44 AM

Meeting Times

Attend Learning Center for testing - please check with your Learning Center for hours the center is open.
Pace yourself for additional study and computer time to complete speeches and assignments.


Learning Center closest to your location.

Course Website

Additional Class Information
ALL SPEECHES AND ASSIGNMENTS for this course are preferred to be submitted electronically through Moodle online learning or emailed directly to your Instructor. EXCEPTION: Tests are proctored; you will need to go to a CCC Campus or Learning Center to take tests. Please contact the ELS office for more information.

Course Information
Course Number

SPCH 1110

Course Title

Public Speaking

Course Description
This course will assist the student to master the skills required of speaking in today's workplace. It will focus on the organization, preparation, research, and evidence needed for a presentation that is tailored to fit the audience. This course will enhance the student's listening skills which will assist them in everyday situations. (45/0/0/0)


Academic Transfer Requirement

Total Credits


Total Hours


This course is designed to enable you to communicate with confidence in varied situations. You will become familiar with researching and organizing materials into effective speeches. You will learn to teach and persuade individuals as you demonstrate your skills as a speaker. Target Population

General Education requirement for any student working for an AAS degree/or academic transfer. Textbooks
For textbook information please go to:
WebCentral > Select term > Click on class name > Click the textbook information link for details Learner Supplies
Computer, Internet access and file storage medium. Access to a digital video recorder, such as a WebCam, Camcorder, or similar technology on a SmartPhone is also required. CCC's learning centers frequently have video recorders for student use. Please contact a learning center near you, if needed. Required.

Syllabus - Page 2 of 10
Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:44 AM

4" x 6" notecards.
Highlighter markers of various colors.
A supportive audience who will listen to you rehearse your speeches.

Course Competencies

Apply knowledge of the speech communication process.
Assessment Strategies
in the speech class.
through written evaluation.
through a speech outline...

Citations: Syllabus - Page 8 of 10
Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:44 AM
Syllabus - Page 9 of 10
Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:44 AM
Syllabus - Page 10 of 10
Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:44 AM
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