Topics: Anabolic steroid, Testosterone, Steroid Pages: 8 (3004 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Sawyer Schafer
English III
2 January 2013

Doping in Sports: “Is it that bad?”

Sports and competition have always been, are and always will be greatly emphasized in the world. Competitions have provided not only entertainment but a way of life for people for decades. History shows that sports have been played ever since the earliest days when ancient greece had olympic games. |Those games were a large part of their entire existence. |Not unlike the people of Ancient Greece, competition and competitiveness is highly focused on today. Throughout the decades people have struggled to gain an edge or way of being bigger, faster and stronger than their peers. Why?Because there is much to gain by being the best at something: fame, fortune and breaking records. With the bar consistently being raised higher and higher whos to say that anabolic steroids and performance enhancers are not the way of the future?. They get a bad rep by many reporters and so called “experts”. But are they really that bad? If they are under doctor supervision and plan? I think they could be a good thing and actually level the playing field in sports. This essay will provide information and show why performance enhancers (PEDs) arent as bad as they are made out to be and actually could be a good thing in sports. Performance enhancers and steroids are the new trend in athletics from high school to the highest professional levels. Like sports, steroid have been in existence for decades. History tells that they originated in 1849 when a scientist named Berthold did an experiment on male cockerels. He started by removing their sexual organs. His discovery was that the bird not only lost sexual function but lost several of its male characteristics as well. In this experiment they found out that sexual organs or in this case testicles had an effect on the entire organism. It effected the blood of the animals experimented on. (“Brief history of steroids”) Following these results scientist attempted to inject this testosterone, hormone found in male sex organs, into animals thtat had been castrated. This was tried on a bull; they extracted testosterone from a bull’s testicles and made it into a more purified form. This was the first testosterone sample which led to many more. After the first testosterone was created and used in an experiment to try and show that nitrogen excretion of a castrated dog could be increased by giving the dog a dose of the testosterone supplement this ended up increasing its body weight which made the experiment a success and proved testosterone to be effective on other animals. This proved that testosterone injected into animals could be beneficial for weight gain and possibly performance. There are also stories in history about use of sterioids on people. The Nazi army was rumored to inject its soldiers with anabolic testosterone to make them get bigger and stronger. In this time period testosterone was already considered as a “potent anabolic substance” in humans. This was proven true by experiments that were carried out on men. In 1954 this was the beginning of the use of steroids in sports. These tests started to peak interest in other countries and different aspects of life. If these steroids could help soldiers perform then why not athletes? The Soviets team was reported by some to have used anabolic steroids in the World Weightlifting Championships in Vienna, Austria. They dominated the competition and broke several world records. They left this competition with several gold medals in different weight classes. John Zeigler, is known to be the physician who assisted the athletes with their steroid use. He had heard that the Soviet team was using steroinds and wanted to use his knowledge to assist them. After consulting the team doctor, John Zeigler, was allowed to act as a consultant and to make steroid use more effective for the team. This was a huge success and...
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