Steroid Issue Proposal

Topics: Baseball, Major League Baseball, Barry Bonds Pages: 1 (419 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Nick Setter
Eng 102 MWF 11am
The Starting of a New Era in Baseball
* I care about this issue because baseball is our national past time, and players are destroying that past time and their reputation towards younger baseball players. It matters to me because I grew up playing baseball and watching the “Steroid Era” happen, all the records that legendary players made are being broken by players on steroids. * Baseball fans of all ages care about the use of steroids. Younger baseball players, minor league players, fans, baseball is a world sport and players are damaging it by using steroids. * Other perspectives are that now the “Steroid Era” has started there’s no stopping it, these great players we watch are giving young players thought that it’s okay to use steroids. * Peoples view on the subject; it’s the players that have been caught using steroids against the world. No one is supporting Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds. They don’t want to be viewed differently. Even though fighting the system and saying they didn’t take steroids, is destroying their legacy even more. * I don’t think it impacts or affects my life personally. Maybe somewhat of an impact just because I do love watching baseball, but knowing a lot of the records that are being broken are being broken by steroid players. It makes an economic difference because you see players getting huge contracts that are 10 year $275 million, like Alex Rodriguez. That’s a lot of money to pay a person just to play baseball. * Who else uses steroids that we don’t know about? It makes you question all the past, present and future players. This maybe a question someone else would ask. * Some people say we should just let it happen and deal with the fact that steroids are always going to be used in baseball now. * I don’t think this issue can be bridged, you’re against steroid use or your okay with it. There is no middle grown in my opinion. * You can go to Washington D.C. or San...
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