Sterilization: Child Abuse and Birth Control Regimen

Topics: Child abuse, Addiction, Physical abuse Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: March 22, 2011
There are children born everyday who are not wanted. Worse than that, there are children everyday who are abused by their parents, family members, and family friends. This abuse will not end until someone puts a stop to it. Children's Services can only do so much. There is nothing stopping a parent from just having another child once one has been taken away. The only way to stop the abuse and the horrendous things happening to children is to steralize thes individuals who hurt them. Without Court Ordered sterilization, there is nothing to prevent drug addicts, physical abusers, and sexual abusers from having children. This sad and vicious circle needs to end. The only way to end it is with allowing sterilization by Court Order. There are many different crimes that one can commit against a child. For example, physical, mental and sexual abuse. An individual can physically harm a child and leave marks and bruises, which would fall under the category of physical abuse. Mental abuse is a lot harder to define, there has to be several physicians who deem a child has been mentally abused. Sexual abuse would be any individual inappropriately touching a child. One can birth a child who is born with a substance addiction, this would also be considered a crime against a child. Leaving a child in the care of an unfit individual or simply not supervising a child is also unsuitable behavior. An indicated perpetrator is someone who has had allegations made against them, and those allegations have been founded, meaning found to be true. A perpetrator by commission is someone who carries out an action that is deemed abuse. A perpetrator by omission is someone who knows about the abuse, but does nothing to stop it. One example of a perpetrator by omission would be a mother letting a convicted sex offender be unsupervised with her child, and during that time, the child be sexually abused by the indicated perpetrator. Because this mother knew that the individual...
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