Stereotyping in Marketing: Good or Bad?

Topics: Marketing, Retailing, Stereotype Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: April 22, 2006
Stereotyping in Marketing: Good or Bad?

It's Monday morning at a well-to-do marketing company. You have an 11:00am meeting to interview a potential buyer for an Asian product line. It is now Ten-thirty. Your potential client's flight arrives into Metro Airport. Prior to their arrival to your office you douse the air with a light sent of orange. The meeting goes as expected, very well. Instead of a hand shake you bow to the group. You and the team leader exchange business cards. You ask for his cell phone number. Before jotting it down you grab a yellow sticky note to write the number on, you know not to write it directly onto the card. How did you know that it is a proven marketing fact that Asians love the scent of orange? Or that they prefer a team work atmosphere to working alone? Or that to write on an Asians business card is deemed disrespectful? Or that bowing is their form of hand shake? All of these details are a result of the classification or stereotyping involved in marketing. Stereotyping is a productive way to gain the attention of a desired audience. Through marketing and consumer research we can develop a greater knowledge of what our consumers want or need and how to advertise these goods according to the buyers that they are trying to reach. There are many positive attributes to classification and stereotyping. It can be extremely beneficial from the marketing stand point. Take for instance, if you were to own a tee-shirt company and wanted to begin sales abroad. In researching your potential customers you would know that marketing to Muslim women would be a lost cause. Considering their religious beliefs and the fact that women of these cultures do not wear tee-shirts in spite of them, you would know that there would be no market for your product. When working in the positive form of stereotyping it is helpful to take into consideration other cultures and their worth ethics, along with their personal attributes, likes and dislikes....
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