Stereotypes and Athlete

Topics: Stereotypes, Classroom, Graduation Pages: 3 (1213 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Shaylee Smith
Megan Montgomery
English 1113
17 October 2011

Jock stereotype
Stereotypes are different thoughts that a variation of people hold about people who are different from them. A stereotype can be associated with a single word or slogan; such as nerd, or jock. Stereotypes can be expressed in either a negative or positive way. Most people apply stereotypes in a negative way to make them feel more superior over others. The category that most people would place me under would be the classification of an athlete or jock. The jock title that I have been placed under has been with me pretty much my entire life. I have played sports since I was four years old when I first started playing soccer and tee ball. From that moment on I have been active in almost every sport that my school has to offer. In high school the title was strongly addressed to me when the upper classmen did not know who I was. They would refer to me as the freshmen softball player or the soccer goalie. I have held the title strongly for a very long while. Even though I do not play sports now in college I still get asked if I play sports just because of the way I dress; I guess when you are just use to having that title it sticks with you. The category of a jock can possess many different stereotypes from dumb jock, lesbians, and also stuck up popular kids and many more.

The stereotype of “jock” has many different titles and classification that goes along with that specific stereotype. You have the very popular “dumb jock” title that goes far back in to history and almost everyone has heard of. The title of dumb jock is suggesting that athletes do not have very high success in the class room. Most people think that the only thing jocks think about is there sport and not their homework or class work. Unlike most people I was ranked in the top ten in my graduating class which is a pretty elite title. However being successful at my class work and studies most people think I did not...
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