Stereotypes Affecting Today's Youth

Topics: Childhood, Parent, Parenting, Family, Mother, Child / Pages: 3 (515 words) / Published: Sep 18th, 2017
In my opinion todays youth is completely different from when I was growing up. For example is the immense lack of respect for adults. I was raised to stay in a child's place, and always taught to be seen and not heard. Kids and teenagers put themselves in adult situations and try to perceive themselves as adults. They have a warped sense of entitlement, but the world owes them nothing, and I strongly believe you work hard for what you want, and for what you already have. It's not like this anymore. Kids believe if they want something then they should magically recieve it. The sad part about this is the majority of parents allow this behavior. Another issue is the "trends" such as skinny jeans, and young ladies barely wearing enough clothing to cover their private parts. Why would any young man walk around with …show more content…
I miss 90's hip hop and R&B when artist actually spoke on real topics, I understand not every artist did, but even the ones who rapped about sex, drugs, or money you could understand WHAT they were trying to say. The music now is so dumb downed, simple minded, and out played by radio stations it drives me insane, anytime I attempt to listen to the radio I want to rip my hair out. I often wonder where our culture went wrong, and therefore made it acceptable for teens to act like they do. Maybe the parents are to blame, maybe it's their environment, or maybe it's just our society brainwashing our youth. I do think social media is a big platform to blame, but I wish there was something or someone that could open the minds of these kids and show them how to act like a respectable young adult. I'm tired of seeing young adults glued to their $800 Iphones walking around like zombies. You can't even get the majority of kids to go outside to play, let alone put down their phone to have a meal with their family. I feel sad for my children that have to be raised in this society, I

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