Stereotypes About Americans

Topics: Nutrition, United States, Fast food Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: June 17, 2011
Herina Zhang

Stereotypes about Americans
Most Americans are stereotyped by people from other places. These stereotypes, are simple impressions made by others, and are usually not true and are often ridiculous. Some Chinese perceive, all Americans are fat and eat fast food every day.

I also used to stereotype Americans, and thought they ate only fast food such as hamburgers and hot dogs. Recently however, I found I was wrong. During summer, I spent four weeks living in Los Angeles, CA and had to live with a family in Orange County for 28 days, and of course we had meals together with them. It was true that my host family ate fast food like tacos and burgers, but they did not eat those things as daily meals. They also liked eating sushi and Chinese dumplings, not only fast food. It was really an untrue opinion that all Americans always have junk food. Our home family liked to take vegetables and other healthy food, which is the beast example to reveal this misunderstanding to the Americans.

Another stereotype about America I had heard is all that all America are fat, which is still not true as I think. When I was on my trip in USA, I really had observed the Americans around us. To my surprise, I saw many people with a skinny frame. Admittedly, there were some big people in the United States, but most of people I saw were healthy and with normal size. That means this stereotype is also a wrong opinion, at least all the family members in my host family are not fat at all. An explanation to this stereotype is the first stereotype I have mentioned: every American has fast food every day. This gives us an opinion which is Americans eat tons of junk food, it’s undoubted that all of them are fat people. Now that Americans also have a lot of healthy food, as I explained in the second paragraph, the stereotype that every American is fat can be testified untrue.

Although we have stereotypes, sometimes negative opinions about Americans and many other...
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