Topics: Gender, Stereotype, Race Pages: 2 (1045 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Kaley Batchlear
October 28, 2014
Dr. Simons
Monopoly Paper #3
Throughout the course of this twisted Monopoly, many themes and stereotypes arose to become apparent. However the two main themes that I observed were gender biases and stereotypes involving race and inequality. These two themes became apparent through the traits and personality the players began demonstrating as the game went on. It was obvious that the blue male (which would represent a white male in real life) became greedy and aggressive as he was set up to be successful and of course was. You then see how player three and five become unsuccessful because of how the game is set up. This represents the stereotype of a woman who is considered an inferior. As the game went on these players were very cautious of every decision they made because it was made obvious that each one was indeed very critical to any success they strived to achieve. By the end of the game it was extremely apparent to everyone that certain opportunities were given to certain people in the game. This basically made it impossible for them to lose this game. This theme however then transfers to reality in that the stereo typical white male will usually be given a much better opportunity then say an African American female. The two articles that I chose reflects the two themes of race and gender stereo types and how they correspond with success or opportunities. In the first article, Workplace Gender Bias: Not Just between Strangers, they discuss how there is “substantial inequalities between genders in the modern workplace and the evidence for stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.” They then also discuss how this concept can then be applied to race or age minorities as well. The article also explains the significant difference in that studies show that there are gender differences in career choices, salary, harassment, etc. This directly relates to our theme in our game in that the money and income the blue male...

Cited: Nadler, J. T., & Stockdale, M. S. (2012). Workplace Gender Bias: Not Just Between Strangers. North American Journal Of Psychology, 14(2), 281-291.
McGrady, P. B., & Reynolds, J. R. (2013). Racial Mismatch in the Classroom: Beyond Black-white Differences. Sociology Of Education, 86(1), 3-17. doi:10.1177/0038040712444857
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