Stereotyped of Bride Price

Topics: Buchi Emecheta, Slavery, Battle Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: August 20, 2007
In the book The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta, the Character Chike Ofulue faces the stereotype being a descendant of a slave from Africa. He battles against this stereotype by becoming educated, two not listening to what other people say and last he has face culture issues. Chike battle against all of these obstacles by battling them trying to succeed in life. Chike battles against the stereotype of being a descendant from a slave from Africa is by becoming educated. He became educated when missionaries appeared in the village because slavery became illegal, and most slaves were turned over to the missionaries and educated. The former slaves, as well as their descendant, became the educated people of the village, taking on the roles of doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Despite their education and professional roles, the local villagers never accepted these descendant of slaves into their culture. It was also the same for Chike and his family. They were tolerated and accepted, but there were strict restraints on how far relationships with these outsiders could go. Second, another way Chike battles against the stereotype of being a descendant from a slave from Africa is by not listening to what other people say or convey about him. An example of him ignoring what other people think or say about him is when one of Aku-nna's cousins tells her You must be careful referring to Chike "he's not one of us. No decent girl from a good Ibuza family is allowed to associate with him. My father would rather see his daughter dead than allow such a friendship. Even Chike's family does not agree with his decisions much less. Chike's father warns him to stay away from Aku-nna, as his father does not want a son of mine to bring shame on his [Aku-nna's step-father's] family. So Chike not only disregards Aku-nna's family but also his. Last, Chike faces cultural issues Aku-nna's family doesnt want to except him because of the fact that he is a decent of a slave and also he is not from...
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