Stereotype of Pidiepeople in Aceh Besar Society

Topics: Stereotype, Aceh, Labeling theory Pages: 4 (1049 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Tugas : Cross Culture Understanding

Stereotypes of Pidie People in Aceh Besar Society



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 Praise to Allah SWT because of the mercy and grace Him so that preparation of this paper has been resolved in due course entitled "Stereotype People Pidie" This paper contains about understanding stereotypes and stereotyping causes of those among the Acehnese.   This paper is expected to provide the information and understanding of the true and better to us all about the people of Pidie that will help them build social harmony in the life of the nation that has a pluralistic society.  I realize this paper is far from perfect, therefore criticism and suggestions from all parties constructive I always hoped for the perfection of this paper.  Finally, I would like to thank all those who have participated in the preparation of this paper from beginning to the end. May Allah always be pleased with all our efforts. Amin.

        Banda Aceh, December 1, 2013


  In the task of this paper, I will discuss about the stereotypes against Pidie. How people view the society of Aceh and the Acehnese in general and parsimonious nature teradap labeling people Pidie. Aceh is a province consisting of several tribes, with each tribe or group has different habits so they are a cultural and ethnic characteristics particular, among the tribes which occurred harmonious relations and conflict, even conflict often occurs between the tribes, I mean here is great and the people of Aceh Pidie. Conflicts often we hear and often a conflict between the Acehnese people with Pidie as immigrants, the conflict is emphasized in the labeling that is...
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