Steps You Would Take to Identify a Suspects Case

Topics: Interview, Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Ericka Christian
Introduction to Interviews and Interrogation
Jennifer Bourgeois
July 24, 2013

To identify the robbers I would do the following: I would question the witnesses and victims, I would put the suspects in a lineup, I would secure all videos and other evidence, I read the suspects the rights, I would document any confessions and charge the suspect and investigate, compare and contrast facts and evidence regarding the detained suspects in the other zone. I would follow up by going to the suspect for identification and confirm the witnesses if the person is involved or not in the robbery. Purposeful interviewing refers to the realization that statements are sought for specific reasons (Gosselin, 2002). Purposeful interviewing is not a method, but it is a board approach to the press. Active listening and rapped development are very helpful in developing a technique for accomplishing the interview goal regardless of the situation. Active listening can be used as a skill that makes evident to the person being interviewed that you are attentive to what is being said. Active listening requires the person that does the interviews to mentally relax and draw on his or her self esteem and confidence express willingness to commiserate and listen by exhibiting patience. It is very important to listen to what is being said, but also to know how it is being said. The emotional outbursts and inflections out to the voice may give due to sensitive areas of the interview. Suddenly silence, uncertainly or confusion or the shifting the conversation to an unrelated subject.

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Bibliography: Gosselin, D. K. (n.d.). Smart Talk Contemporary Interviews and Interrogation. Retrieved from Google and fit in.
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