Steps to Manage Domestic Waste Responsibly.

Topics: Waste, Recycling, Waste management Pages: 5 (1942 words) Published: August 25, 2011
Nowadays, the generation of domestic waste which is increasing from days to days has become a serious problem for our country, Malaysia. The rapid development of our country and rapid growth of population in our country have caused the problem of increasing domestic waste. It is due to the rapid development of industrial sector in our country, industrial sector has created more and more industrial waste and domestic waste during the industrial process. Due to this reason, our country has to face with the challenge of domestic waste problem in our country. There was once a study that showed that the generation of domestic waste in our country has been increasing from days to days. Besides, it also showed that each Malaysian produced an average of 0.8 kilogram of rubbish everyday in usual life. Nowadays, Malaysian produce 19 000 tonne of domestic waste everyday and the amount of domestic waste is predicted to be increased to 30 000 tonne on 2020. Let us imagine the situation if there was 10 000 tonne of rubbish has been produced everyday in our country and we did not carry out the management of domestic waste responsibly. Doubtlessly , our country would be fulled with the rubbish if we do not carry out the management of domestic waste effectively and responsibly. Do you understand the definition of the domestic waste? Domestic waste is the waste which is produced through our usual life and it is also known as household waste. Next, domestic waste is the factory waste such as oil, toxic waste, factory waste and etc. Domestic waste can be categorized into 2 groups. First group is organic waste while the second group is inorganic waste. The examples of organic waste are food waste, papers, textiles, rubber, wood and farm waste while glass , tin, aluminum , metal and plastic are the examples for inorganic waste. There are some domestic waste contain toxic substances and the toxic wastes will give negative impacts to humans and affect the environment. Before I explain about the steps to manage the domestic waste responsibly, I would like to explain the reasons of why we must carry out the management of domestic waste responsibly. First and foremost, we have to carry out the management of domestic waste responsibly because lots of problem and negative effect will appear and thus ruin the environment and living things in the earth if the management of the domestic waste has been carried out irresponsibly. The increasing domestic waste production has caused landfill problem and environment pollution. As an example, there are some irresponsible people who throw domestic waste into water sources like rivers. The irresponsible and irrational way has caused the rivers become more shallow and the rivers flow will be affected. During raining season, floods will occur more easily in the shallow rivers as the rivers cannot accommodate the big amount of rain water. Besides, the domestic wastes pollute the rivers and then threaten the aquatic life in the rivers such as fishes. Next, there are some people manage domestic wastes through the way of open burning. Open burning of domestic wastes pollutes the air, because it will release poisonous gases which are unhealthy for all the living things. Moreover, domestic wastes such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur may cause soil pollution if the wastes are left on the lands. The domestic wastes will cause the soil to become infertility and the soil is no longer suitable for the growth of plants. The polluted soil is not suitable for agriculture uses because the toxic substances contained in the soil will harm the plants and other living things which live in that area. Next, the disposal of domestic waste can cause the formation of acid rains. When the sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the domestic wastes have been released into the air, these gases have reacted with water vapour in the atmosphere and thus form sulphuric acids and nitric acids. Acid rains is harmful and it...
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