Steps to Future

Topics: Writing, Anecdotal evidence, Evidence Pages: 3 (721 words) Published: April 18, 2013
1. Constructing Your Context Portfolio
Your portfolio should include examples from:
Compulsory Text (GUAA): Select approx. 6 different stories, Songs, Art, Newspapers articles, Online news sources, Novels, Movies & TV Shows, Quotes (from famous people) and Anecdotal Evidence. Each subject area should identify the following information: * Knowledge of the content i.e. overall general comment on the main idea of the evidence * Examples of how the evidence relates to the context i.e. a specific example(s) of the relationship e.g. a line from the song, a quote from a text, a quote from someone famous * The rationale for including it as part of the context (This is the most important part of your evidence. Demonstrating how this data reflects issues of identity and belonging is the factor distinguishing the different levels of EAL competency.) Your Context Portfolio can be presented and stored in a variety of ways including: * Power Point

* Table format in Word
* Concept or Mind Map (Written or Digital)
* Hardcopy of handwritten notes in a folder
Prepare your portfolio in the way that YOU are the most comfortable with as YOU are the user of this information. Bring your portfolio to our first class in Term 2 for review and discussion. Please note that you will continue to add evidence to your portfolio throughout the year as you come across examples of Identity and Belonging in your ordinary lives.

2. Studying for Context Writing
To become more familiar with how to structure a Context Writing Response refer to your text; “Insight ESL for Year 12” by Melanie Napthine and Michael Daniel. Required Reading:Chapters 6 & 7 & p 67 - 68

3. Practicing Context Writing
Write your context piece in Expository Form. This means you are writing with the intention of exploring the topic. You should focus closely on the ideas suggested by the text and related information. Plan your response by asking questions of the prompt...
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